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Story and Production

Benjamin Walker journeys through the wilderness, running from an oppressive regime that rules society. He is not alone in the mountains, however; a woman, a boy, and an old man cross paths with him and each leaves their mark on his soul.

When danger begins to haunt every step and marked hunters close in for the kill, Benjamin Walker must decide whether he is a lone man bent on survival, or something more...

"AFTER THE BEAST: The Benjamin Walker Chronicle" is the first LDS apocalyptic web series ever created. Working with a shoe-string budget, "After The Beast" was filmed almost entirely on location in the wilds of Utah.

FireSpire Productions made its first film in 2006, with the cult hit "Werewolf". "After The Beast" marks the eighth title of FireSpire; the collaborative effort of Scott Baird and Rob York.

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"After The Beast: The Benjamin Walker Chronicle" is an original web series to be released early 2011 in ten weekly episodes. "After The Beast" follows the story of Benjamin Walker as he survives in the wilderness of a post apocalyptic world, evading those who serve the Beast - the deadly Mark Bearers. Starring Jake Packer, Mikjan Torrie, Eric Mathews, Jim "Bear" Martin. Created by Rob York and Scott Baird.